2018 Kia Forte Dashboard Light Guide

When you’re driving your new 2018 Kia Forte around the West Chester, Philadelphia, or Springfield areas, the last thing you want to see is a dashboard light taunt your peaceful drive. What could possibly be wrong? It’s bad enough knowing there’s a problem with your Forte, but not knowing what the problem is feels even worse.

That’s why it’s so important to know what all the 2018 Kia Forte dashboard symbols mean. Armed with that knowledge, you’ll be able to make the right decision to properly take care of your Forte and keep you safe from any potential danger. Learn what each of the lights mean in our comprehensive 2018 Kia Forte dashboard light guide.

Warning Lights

If you see any of the following lights, it means that something has gone wrong with your Forte. While not all of these lights are severe, they still need to be addressed and handled before the problem grows to something worse than it already is. Here are the ones to watch out for:

  • Malfunction Light: This is the dreaded check engine light and could indicate several types of engine related issues. Be sure to get this one checked out immediately. It looks like an engine block.
  • Electronic Power Steering Light: If you see a light depicting a steering wheel followed by an exclamation point, it means your power steering isn’t working. You can still steer, but it’ll be much more difficult. Get this issue fixed as soon as possible for easier, safer driving.
  • Charging System Light: Appearing as a battery, this light indicates that your battery isn’t charging properly. Have this checked out before you get stranded. Don’t worry too much, though, as it could just be a loose belt in your alternator.
  • Brake Fluid Light: This light looks like an exclamation point, a P and the word BRAKE altogether. If you see it, you have a problem with your brakes, most likely the fluid. Be sure to check your parking brake, however, as this same light comes on when you engage it.

Indicator Lights

When you spot any of the following lights, you don’t have to worry. They don’t indicate that something is wrong but rather that you have activated one of the Forte’s many features. Take a look.

  • ECOMINDER Light: This light displays as the word ECO and means your Active ECO system is engaged and making your Forte more efficient.
  • Cruise Control Light: Similarly obvious, this light depicts the word CRUISE and indicates that your cruise control is on.
  • Front Fog Lights Light: This light appears as a headlight with diagonal lines coming out of it, being intersected by a wavy vertical line. This simply means that your fog lights are on.

Visit the Service Center at Kia of West Chester

If you spot any of the warning lights as listed in our 2018 Kia Forte dashboard light guide, you’ll need a place to get your car fixed. For quality service you can count on, the service center at Kia of West Chester has got you covered. Our highly-trained technicians are Kia experts who know the Forte inside and out. With the latest technology at their disposal, you can enjoy the benefits of a quick and quality service no matter what you need. Visit us or fill out our service contact form to schedule your service appointment today!