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Let These Landscapers Take Care of Your Lawn This Summer

The way that your lawn looks says more about you and your family than you might think. That’s why it’s so important to keep up with its maintenance. But, as you know, keeping up with its maintenance means not keeping up with the other important stuff in your life, as it takes a lot of work. Instead, you should read this informative guide and let these landscapers take care of your lawn for you this summer.

Go Green Lawn Services

Let These Landscapers Take Care of Your Lawn This Summer

Go Green Lawn Services offers quite a few different…well…lawn services. Here are their most popular:

  • Organic Lawn Care Programs
  • Lawn Aeration and Ventilation
  • Lawn Seeding, Bald Spot Treatment

They also do tree and shrub maintenance, which they claim will “return your trees and shrubs to the thriving state they were in when you planted them.” From the look of their Insta, that claim is 100% true.

Green Lawn Fertilizing

Not only does Green Lawn Fertilizing have their regular Green Lawn Program (which entails a full year of eight separate fertilizer applications), but they also have Lime Applications and Commercial Services. We encourage you to go on their IG, where you can see the types of projects that have won them a 2018 Angie’s List Super Service award, a Philadelphia 100 award, and a 2018 winner of Best of Home Advisor.

Weed Man®

Let These Landscapers Take Care of Your Lawn This Summer

Finally, Weed Man’s whole philosophy is that they want to transform your lawn from a burden into a paradise. How? By getting rid of the weeds, of course. But that’s just the beginningthey’ll also fertilize your lawn, control for surface insects, control for disease, control for fleas and ticks, control for moss, eliminate and prevent white grubs, and do pretty much everything else except play on it. That’s for you.

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