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Best Escape Rooms near West Chester PA

Best Escape Rooms West Chester PA

Can you make a great escape? That’s the question you and your teammates will have to answer, as you use hidden clues and solve puzzles to escape the room you’re in.

Once you’re in, the clock starts ticking. Outsmarting an escape room requires teamwork, fast thinking, and creativity. Are you up to the challenge? Here are some of the best escape rooms near West Chester, PA.

Bates Motel Escape Rooms

Bates Motel Escape RoomsThe creators behind the Bates Motel are bringing you a new kind of interactive entertainment with their adventure escape room. With only 60 minutes to get out, you’ll need to use your instincts and logic to find secret pathways, solve, crack codes, and uncover mysteries that will lead to your escape.

Popular options include the Bates Manor Escape Room, a detailed Victorian mansion with four rooms. Mr. Bates has left behind gold and cash in his safe, and as accomplished burglars, you’ll need to find clues to crack the safe and get out before the police are notified.

The Tomb is another fun Bates Motel offering, as you try to crack the treasure room and solve the riddles. This room uses historical facts and legends passed down from generations, and is particularly fun for those who love Middle East history.


Escape the Room

Escape the RoomEscape the Room is perfect for team building. It’s a great way to improve communication, creativity, and delegation among employees, because real-world strategies are used. Every game features a unique environment where everyone will contribute to the team-building ideas.

The latest games include “Meltdown” and “The Agency.” In Meltdown, you and your team will enter a nuclear power plant to find the supervisor has disappeared. You’ll have 60 minutes to prevent utter disaster from occurring. This room is great for those who have been in escape rooms before, and is typically more challenging than the average escape room.

In “The Agency” room, you’re part of a top secret mission, and must complete your assignment within the hour. Escape the Room is perfect for special events and work events, too. Bring a group and enjoy!


Escape Room Mystery

Escape Room MysteryThis room challenges friends, families, and coworkers with unique puzzles that need to be solved in time in order to escape. The team-building benefits are obvious. These rooms will promote creativity, create group trust, and help to develop problem-solving skills. The rooms are perfect for work teams, sports teams, community groups, youth groups, and more.

Escape Room Mystery offers multiple adventures. These include The Billionaire’s Den. Your rich great uncle has passed away, and you must play the crazy games he has in order to inherit his money. You may also find yourself locked in the Egyptian Tomb. The puzzles and surprises can lead you to your freedom, but be careful, or you may be locked in forever.


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Ready to be locked in a room with your friends, co-workers, or family? Now, it’s time to get out. The best escape rooms near West Chester, PA, await.