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Founding Footsteps Tour

Follow in Philly’s Footsteps: Founding Footsteps Tour

Founding Footsteps TourStumped by how to entertain your out-of-town in-laws or a former college roommate who boasts about how cool it is to live in Manhattan? Even if you consider yourself a lifelong Delaware Valley native, there’s still a lot to learn.

Take your guests on a Founding Footsteps tour to find out just how much you know about the City of Brotherly Love that stretches beyond the been-there-done-that touristy stuff.

Finding Your Footing

Founding Footsteps TourNow that you know who to invite, let’s hear about how the company started.

Before Tim McAleer brought Philadelphia the Founding Footsteps tour, he served as an inner-city English teacher and spent a summer as a tour guide. He blends his ability to command a crowd with comically entertaining stories and his quest to give back to the community.

A 20 percent portion of the proceeds from the tours goes right back to his charity of choice, Teach 2 the Core. Teach 2 the Core builds mentorships between students who became the first person in their family to attend college and those in high school who are in the same boat.

Tours to Take

Join us in investigating which tours to take and what to bring! Put one foot in front of the other, and let’s walk through each action-packed tour through Philly.

Beer and Band Tour

Founding Footsteps TourTour Philly’s local breweries and beer gardens via trolley while live music accompanies the ride. Fifteen percent of the proceeds go to the after-school program Rock to the Future that encourages children from the inner city to rock out!

Historically Hilarious BYOB Tour

You bring the beer; they tour you around town! Visit historic city landmarks and hear offbeat stories that would make the patron saint of Philly, Ben Franklin, laugh out loud.

Philly Phables Walking Tour

If you dig history, let them bend your ear for stories that you just won’t read about in dusty old textbooks while walking in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers.

Philadelphia Tavern Walking Tour

Hop on over to the walk that tours the taverns interspersed among the city streets. Some existed way back in Colonial times like the City Tavern while others will become history in just, oh, a few hundred years.

Stand Up & Drink

Founding Footsteps TourGrab some friends and your favorite suds for a live comedy show while you ride around the streets of Philadelphia.

Urban Bourbon Tour

History doesn’t just include revolutionary fables, follies, and beer. Let them pour you a finger of bourbon and tell you about the forgotten tales of prohibition, mob history, and the Philly pioneers who started the movement.

Holiday Light Tour

Cuddle up with your special someone and feel the holiday cheer. Then hitch up the sleigh (well…trolley) and carol the way to every merry light display throughout the city.

Put One Foot in Front of the Other

Finding a Founding Footsteps tour fitting for your next work event or a fun night out? Visit their Facebook and Instagram pages to see how to join a tour or schedule a private event.