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Local Spotlight: The Master’s Baker

The Master’s Baker

For over 50 years, The Master’s Baker has designed, crafted, and baked cakes with love. Whether your big day is around the corner and you want to put the perfect cap on the celebration, or a family member or friend is deserving of that special birthday cake, look no further than this local baker.

Are you ready to start your cake? Get in touch with The Master’s Baker today!

Over 50 Years of Fresh Cakes

The Master’s Baker HistoryThe Master’s Baker was started by a busy mother of six who had a special eye (and love) for cakes. It all started way back in 1970 in Jerie Weldon’s kitchen. Husband Paul Weldon was at his desk one day when his boss walked in and asked for some advice. “Where can I get a birthday cake?” With that question, a dream was born. Paul knew his wife could take her expertise in creative birthday cakes for their kids and turn that into something special.

In 2011, Paul and Jerie were wondering what might be next after a lifetime in the cake business. Their youngest son Chad and his wife Rebecca listened to their stories and adventures, the highs and the lows. After some careful consideration, Chad volunteered to take over the business and has helped take things to new levels.

Today, TMB has a full-time staff of 12 and provides cakes and pastries to dozens of area caterers, hotels, and country clubs.

Building a Cake for Your Wedding Day

The Master’s Baker Weddings

If wedded bliss is in your near future, then it’s time to find a cake for that special day. Use the online TMB gallery to select a few cakes, so the staff can get an idea of what your taste buds may have in mind. You’ll meet with one of the experts on staff, and have the opportunity to ask them questions about your cake. From there, the perfect cake will be sculpted, so you can sit back and relax.

A Variety of Cake Flavors and Fillings to Select From

The Master’s Baker FlavorsIf you like having choices, you’ll love working with TMB because there are so many cake flavors and fillings to choose from.

Cake flavors include:

  • Vanilla sour cream pound cake
  • Vanilla chocolate chip
  • Red velvet
  • Lemon blueberry
  • Carrot
  • Banana

These are just a few of the many options to select from. Seasonal options include pumpkin spice, apple spice, and gingerbread. Classic fillings include old-fashioned vanilla buttercream, blueberry buttercream, peanut buttercream, and mocha buttercream. Believe us–your taste buds will thank you when you choose a TMB cake.

Book Your Appointment with TMB Today!

Have a great idea for your next cake? It may be for your wedding day, but it may be for an event or other celebration that’s around the corner.

Book an appointment with a TMB staff member, and they’ll be happy to walk you through all of your cake options for that special day!