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Kia Dashboard Light Guides

When you’re cruising through the streets of West Chester, Philadelphia, and Springfield, PA in your new Kia vehicle, the last thing you probably want to see is one of those pesky dashboard symbols light up. It’s bad enough knowing that your Kia has a problem, but it’s worse not knowing what the problem is.

With the help of our Kia dashboard symbols guides, you can become an expert on all the warning lights in your Kia vehicle. Be sure to check out the various guides available on this page and learn what all your dashboard symbols represent. Don’t worry, they’re not all bad. Learn about our light guides and discover the difference between warning lights and indicator lights.

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Kia Niro Dashboard Light Guide 
Kia Optima Dashboard Light Guide
Kia Sorento Dashboard Light Guide
Kia Soul Dashboard Light Guide
Kia Sportage Dashboard Light Guide

Warning Lights

Unfortunately, most of the lights on your dashboard are warning lights. They usually come in a warm color like red or yellow and indicate that something has gone wrong. They aren’t all severe enough for you to put your entire day’s plans on hold, but some are, and you need to know the difference. Our light guides will provide you with detailed descriptions of what your lights look like and what they mean, as well as how you should respond.

Indicator Lights

If you see any of these lights, you don’t have to worry. They don’t indicate problems but rather indicate whether one of your Kia vehicle’s numerous features have been activated. They’re usually a cool color like blue or green. As with the warning lights, our light guide goes through each, describing their appearance and what they represent.

Service Center

Should one of your Kia dashboard symbols indicate that you have a problem, you’ll need to get your vehicle serviced, and there’s no better place than the service center at Kia of West Chester. Our highly trained technicians are certified Kia experts who know your vehicle inside and out. Equipped with the latest in auto repair tech, you can always count on a quick and quality service.

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For all your automotive needs in the West Chester, Philadelphia, and Springfield, PA, Kia of West Chester has got you covered. Our Kia dashboard symbols guides on this page can help you become an expert on your Kia, but that’s just the beginning of what we can offer you. Visit us or fill out our service contact form to learn more about our exciting offers and services!


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